Pictures Of The Feathers Of Hummingbirds Shining Like Rainbows


Sometimes a lot of amazing things are left unnoticed by all of us. Many of us don’t really have time to glance around our home gardens with all our busy lives, but if you observe your environment closely, you will definitely be lucky to see so many lovely items around you that are Mother Nature’s gifts.

Christian Spencer has always been a mother nature admirer. He enjoyed all the dry leaves, the lovely roses, and the loud waves of the ocean. He became a photographer because he wanted all the amazing things he witnessed to be stored and to expose them all to everyone.

He saw a Jacobian hummingbird one evening when he was sitting on his verandah in Rio de Janeiro. But the most amazing part was how the sun hit the wings of the hummingbird, it was creating an effect similar to a prism. The colors went through the wings of the bird, rendering it a moving rainbow, and He was left speechless.

He wanted to catch this amazing sight quickly, and if you scroll down, you can see his amazing shots.

Image Credit/More Info : Christian Spencer (Instargram)

He said that when making the series, he did not use any digital manipulation. The sun lighting a black Jacobin hummingbird was captured by Christian Spencer. The created result is a prism effect that makes it appear as though the body of the creature is as bright as a rainbow. “There isn’t special technique, only the diffraction of light across the wings of these vibrant species,” he clarified.”

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