20+ Excellent Illustrations That Reveal Everything That Is Wrong With Life Today


Art is a medium which can speak with your soul. We can most likely use artworks to give certain social messages. The particularity is most artwork provides a hidden meaning which the viewers can understand according to their knowledge. Artwork can also express thousands of words. Moreover, The artist needs a good understanding of his core concept when creating heart-touching artwork.

In the world, there are many fantastic illustrators. Everybody has its own special way to render illustrations. I did a study about the world’s high illustrations and their illustrators personally. I encountered a special illustrator during my studies. He’s Al Margen from Argentina, Buenos Aires.

The fact of today’s culture is the source of many of his drawings. Have you really sought to grasp the problems of culture today? As we all know, in today’s world there are a number of flawed stuff. Although we’ve seen these faults, we don’t think about them too much. Each of them is in their ways. But He(Al Margen) is used his imagination to send a message to us.

The predominant challenges in modern culture are illustrated by his incredible drawings. He has made perfect drawings for all that are genuinely important. So I’ve chosen to share with you some of his inventions.

He cares a lot about his artworks. This is how his work is described by him.

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