Why A Simple Life Makes People Happier – Six Explanations


With the exponential development of technologies and the growing complexities of human needs, people are continuously pursuing materialistic things. The more we satisfy our wishes, the more complex new desires emerge and the harder we work to fulfill. The more busy we are, the less leisure we have, and that leaves us depressed and exhausting.

So, what will make us really happy? The solution is clear. An easy life makes one happier. This argument is also confirmed by scholars.

There are six explanations for why you would be happier by simplifying your life.

1.More Time To Get Acquainted Yourself

You might feel comfortable every time you watch a video, shop and buy expensive things, surf through social media. Although this relief is quite short-lived. It’s because when you’re obsessed by what’s going to happen next or whether you can afford to purchase this and that, your mind doesn’t get any rest.

When you have time to focus about yourself if you would liberate yourself from those distractions. You’ll finally adjust your life to achieve inner harmony and simplicity, and with no time, regardless of your financial situation, you’ll be happier.

2 Strengthen Relationships

We are so busy at work in the real world, preparing for tests, caring for kids, cleaning the home, etc. Everyone are busy all the time they do not have much time to share with their loved ones. Simplifying life would potentially save your time in your relationships. After all, no one on this big planet can live alone. Holding healthy relationships can also boost overall emotional wellbeing tremendously.

3. Save Money

Simplifying life involves extra costs and then saving you money. You can donate spare money for charities or invest in businesses.

4. Better Health

Concentrating less on material possessions and concentrating more on your families and relationships would boost your emotional wellbeing tremendously. A study carried out by the University of Sciences in Pennsylvania found that 90% of people who have adapted to an easy lifestyle and priority in life have enhanced their wellbeing considerably.

Complex behaviors drive numerous risky activities including smoking and alcohol, which harm your wellbeing. This huge impact not just our emotional health but also our physical well-being. After all, wellbeing is the biggest asset.

5. Fewer Distractions, More Focus

Research has shown that every 12 minutes an average person checks his/her phone. Many argue that social networking and telephones are great distractors. But are we not those who purchase one and encourage us to distract ourselves? It wouldn’t be so distractive if we decided to use technology carefully, but instead, a blessing that makes our lives even simpler.

So, make sure that you turn off your cell the next time you sit down and research or read a novel. If you can spend the day without your computer, it means you have somewhat streamlined your life.

6. Help The Environment

People don’t have time to any ability to engage with the world with active lives. It’s going to give you time to simplify your life. It is well known that the time spent with nature decreases depression and makes us happy. The popular Indian monk Paramahansa Yogananda, who introduced millions to the meditation classes, said, “Be as simple as you can, you’re surprised to see your life as uncomplicated and happy.”

The complex nature of lifestyles of us has dropped us from life’s truth. Therefore would simply help us better appreciate the universe when we have more leisure to think about things. Therefore, learn the art of living, rather than doing.

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